Welcome Home

This fully furnished, 2 bedroom apartment is the ideal holiday home for 2-4 people.
Its charming and cosy appearance will make sure you never want to leave again.

Some of the highlights include a newly renovated bathroom, with a large shower.
A nice balcony, perfect to bath in the last bit of evening sun with a glass of whine.
A spacious, well equiped kitchen and a comfortable dining area.

Perfect Holiday

This apartment offers the perfect place to spend a relaxing holiday at sea.
Zahara de los Atunes may be a small town, but there is plenty of beach, nature and luxury to explore.

If the town itself isn't enough for you, Zahara de los Atunes is surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, long, golden beaches, the Straits of Gibraltar and plenty of cities with great nightlife.

Investment Opportunity

The Southern coast of Spain is popular among tourists from across the globe. Turning this apartment into a rentable holiday home may be the exact thing you're looking for.

The mild winters and fresh summers make Southern Spain the best place to be, especially for those who wish to stay away from the extreme temperatures experienced by the rest of Spain.